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Traveling with children to Iran; A whole new experience for families

children; These little angels of heaven. We love them no matter what. They make our lives meaningful and more colorful until we take them on a trip. That’s when everything starts to get out of hand. Only if they find out that the destination is an exotic unknown country called Iran with lots of deserts where women are forced to wear a Hijab, that’s when we regret traveling with children to anywhere. Our little cute innocent kids suddenly become devoted minions of Satan poised to spread evil. We just want to close our eyes until the madness stops!

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Ramadan in Iran; What to do and What not to do!

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of prayer and detachment from worldly pleasures. Ramadan means thirty days of self-cleansing, good deeds, giving out more, and getting closer to God. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from the brink of the day (early sunrise) till late in the evening and the time of Iftar, when they break their fast. If you are traveling to Iran you need to precisely know when Ramadan starts in Iran because it complicates things for tourist and adventurers. During Ramadan in Iran, most of the restaurants are closed to help people who fast over the day and even drinking water in the streets is considered rude and unmindful. Although Ramadan may sound like a tough month for outsiders to travel to Iran, it definitely has its own benefits and in some ways help travelers.

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