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Mashhad 3-Day Itinerary; Quick and Simple

When you’re traveling to Iran, three days is less than minimum amount of time you really need to even dig through the sites of a city like Tehran, the most advanced and modern metropolitan and the capital of Iran, let alone other historical and religious zones and cities all across the country. 2500 years of established and documented civilization spanned over dozens of dynasties with an ever-changing territories alongside small and big conflicts and wars occurring each year (in the past times but not now, Iran’s safe!) and different religious crusades taking over the beliefs of the people and remodeling the governing institution periodically have resulted in a land that today we know as Iran, or the land of the Aryans or Persians, with diverse sophisticated culture, rich history, proud ethnic groups and societies, and multiple shrines and holy monuments rising at each corner of the country. One of the holiest cities in Iran is Mashhad, which stands for the place for martyrdom.

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Travel to Mashhad, Land of Sacred Heroes

If you’re considering to travel to Mashhad, you’re in the right place. Mashhad means a place of Shia martyrs and martyrdom. Courageous individuals who sacrificed their lives in the name of their religious view and for the greater good. No shortage of Shia martyrs has been recorded in Islam history and Mashhad stands as a testimony to this statement.

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