Iran in Depth

World Heritage Sites in Iran; Counting Down the Top 10

They are not just some fantastic places with great historical value and marvelous views or magnificent features. Heritage sites are what we have inherited from our ancestors, through decades and centuries. They are out there to show us how we got here and tell us a bit more about the culture, ideology, governing systems, art, social structure, and craftsmanship of those who lived and died before us. That’s why UNESCO takes serious actions and have strict rules to preserve these unforgettable spots and help the governments in charge to safeguard them, for this generation and the next ones to come. World heritage sites in Iran are no exception in this matter. Iran, as a country born and raised in the cradle of civilization, hosts up to 24 registered world heritage sites and many more in the line to get the recognition and the attention they deserve. you can book all of your services like Iran visa, Iran hotels, Iran domestic flights & buses and…  easily through 1stQuest. 

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