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Hotels in Yazd, The First Adobe City of the World

Yazd is a city deep in the dry-lands of Iran with the minimum amount of rain or snow in a year which most likely would have turned this city into hot ruins over its 5000 years of history. However, being located around a hot desert has its own perks and it’s lead to the people of Yazd mastering the art of architecture to survive the harsh environment. For this reason, Yazd has been called a marvel of adobe engineering and mud-brick houses and walls and wind catchers. Today’s well-known hotels in Yazd have mostly renovated remnants or of yesterday’s unparalleled traditional Persian houses built for Khan’s or noblemen. A trip to Iran can only be announced “remarkable and indelible” if you book a room in one of these Yazd hotels, which, by the way, have more to offer than just mud-brick walls and cozy yards.

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