Iran in Depth, Tip to the Trip

How to Travel to Iran by Car

Everything starts with an ignition; an ignition of an idea, an ignition of a determination, or an ignition of a simple car engine that is going to take its rider to a magical trip. Traveling to Iran sounds like a work of magic for many outsiders and the fact that they can travel to Iran by car, in their own vehicle, seems so far away for many but the truth is that many travelers put the pedal to the metal as soon as they realize that traveling to Iran via personal cars isn’t that hard. Iran is a vast country with extensive land borders and numerous entry points for vehicles at all directions except in the south that is sealed off by the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. To the west of Iran the Gurbulak-Bazargan border and to the east, the Mirjaveh-Taftan border and lastly to the north, the entry points of Nordooz-Agarak are some of the busiest and crowded borders, especially in holiday times, that provide border crossing services to tourists or Iran-lovers on their way to travel Iran by car.

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